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Saint Avit de Vialard • Dordogne

Take the time to discover it

This peaceful village in the Périgord Noir is located at 6 km from Le Bugue.
In an agricultural and wooded landscape, the church is the heart of the village: a small church into a small village, it lived the dark hours of Périgord and still keeps the traces. Built on the little square next to the townhall, on a rocky outcrop, this Romanesque building of the seventeenth century has recently been restored. During renovation work, the altar stone that adorned the original sanctuary was found and put in its former place.
The village is also home to some everyday heritage: a restored fountain and a washhouse.

Activities for everyone
For lovers of hiking, two loops stride the countryside of this village:
For lovers of honey, make a free guided tour and taste the products of the Rucher du Marandou located in the village.
Thanks to its equestrian center, you can discover hiking loops with a horse !


Saint Avit de Vialard ©ALR
Saint Avit de Vialard ©ALR