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Saint Cirq • Dordogne

Saint Cirq • Dordogne

Take the time to discover it
This charming small typical village of the Black Perigord, has a pretty Romanesque church of the XIIIth century.
Situated in a cool valley on the right bank of the Vézère at the foot of a huge cliff, it offers beautiful Perigord style houses : a 17th century castle, a 17th century manor house set among the trees, another 19th century manor house, and fortified houses such as le Clauzel.

A prehistoric treasure

St Cirq with its surprising growth of bamboo, shelters a prehistoric cave, the Grotte du Sorcier which is decorated with dozens of engravings dating from 13,000 BC amongst which is a beautiful representation of a dappled stallion and a male figure. This engraving is the first to represent a Magdelanian man and is one of the best cave representations of the human form. The cave is open to visitors.


Its tranquility in any season

Grotte du sorcier ©Touron
Grotte du sorcier ©Touron


Townhall of Saint-Cirq :
Le Bourg
24260 - Saint-Cirq
Tel : +33 (0)5 53 07 23 00