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Saint Félix de Reilhac et Mortemart • Dordogne

Holidays at Saint Félix de Reilhac et Mortemart by the tourist office

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On the edge of the Barade forest, these villages were originally two hamlets brought together by a royal decree on the 21st August 1827, which explains why this commune has two churches.
The origin of Saint Felix (Sanctus Felix) goes back to 1273. Its Romanesque church with beautiful stained-glass windows and statues of the Virgin of St Joseph and St Laurent (patron saint of the town) has been restored.
The church Saint John Baptist Mortemart which is a national heritage building, was built on a feudal mound and has 2 interesting features : its bell-wall and its square tower. Both churches are open to the public in the summer season.
Mortemart ( Mortuo Mari ) is an old Templar camp occupied by the soldier monks and a command post on the road to Compostela as well as the old royal road from Bordeaux to Lyon.
Activities for everyone
Tourism plays an important role with an 18-hole golf course, la Marterie, the Jacquou Parc theme park and the Aqualud centre as well as a boar farm, the Sangliers de Mortemart and an equestrian center.

The loop of Saint Felix is a pleasant walk of 3 hours on the edge of the Barade forest.
These attractions provide a peaceful quiet interlude to visitors who come to enjoy the rich heritage of the region.


Church of Mortemart ©ALR
Church of Mortemart ©ALR


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