Don't they say that Périgord can be enjoyed in every season?

All year round, our towns and villages experience weekly markets. The opportunity for local producers to offer the fruit of their know-how. The market is the preferred place for purchasing local products. Strawberries, melons, chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, foie gras, truffles, honey, nuts, cheeses, fatty poultry... come to fill the stalls according to the seasons.
Happy assortment of a thousand colors, flavors and scents of the country! “Market” rhymes with conviviality, pleasures and discoveries.

Bugue Market

The weekly traditional markets of Lascaux-Dordogne

Night markets in Périgord Noir

Generally reserved for the summer, night markets of Périgord are real institutions, as much for visitors as for locals.
Indeed, often after long days under the sun, it is the perfect opportunity to stroll in the fresh air through the maze of sellers and local producers. We savor the flavors and odor of fresh or cooked in the shade of the oaks Black Périgord.  

Farmers' markets in Périgord Noir 

Farmers' markets are the very essence of Traditional Périgord and the Dordogne, these markets where we find the best products of the region. In a short circuit, directly from producer to consumer, these markets are also an opportunity to exchange, talk and of course listen to good cooking ideas.
In the summer, farmers' markets set up on the village place, often in the morning at the start of the day. They are a real invitation to meet farmers, breeders and artisans. From stand to stand, the plates are put together and the glasses are filled to suit everyone's taste. The sale is often accompanied by a tasting. 

What you find at a farmers market

At a local farmers market you will find all the best Périgord products, whether it is meat, cold meats or poultry. You can also buy or taste local cheeses and seasonal vegetables. All the flagship products will of course be present, such as Foie gras, nuts and maybe summer truffle

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