In the heart of the Dordogne, the Perigord was ideally suited to become one of the main strawberry production areas in France. Its mild temperatures, its exposure to the sun and its light soil offer an idyllic setting for strawberries, the French's favorite fruit. With the nut, the Périgord strawberry is a typical product celebrated by an IGP (Protected Geographical Indication). From mara des bois to gariguette, taste the sweet flavor of eight varieties of Périgord strawberries!

Why are Périgord strawberries famous?

A brief history of Périgord strawberries

With more than 55 tonnes each year, Dordogne strawberry production is one of the largest in France. The culture appears, initially between the vines, from the end of the 000e century in Périgord. But it's in the middle of the 20e that this region becomes the leader in strawberry production in France. 

The producers obtained a first certification in 1999, then, in 2004, the European Commission issued them the 1st Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Périgord IGP strawberries, a quality label

The IGP guarantees consumers:

  • production in compliance with specifications;
  • product traceability;
  • cultivation in open ground that respects the environment;
  • picking ripe fruit;
  • respect for different varieties and their taste quality.

Did you know ?

 IGP certification respects more than 60 control points such as terroir, cultivation, picking and distribution.

©Agence Urope

Red and sweet, you will find them in all our markets!

With Périgord strawberry varieties: six months of pleasure

On market stalls, at greengrocers or directly from producers, Périgord strawberries can be enjoyed from May to October. From Darselect to Charlotte to Mara des bois, the varieties produced in Dordogne each have their own taste characteristics!

Strawberry varieties from PérigordColor and appearanceTexture and flavorConsumption period
DarselectBrick red to purpleFleshy and regularApril to June
CleryBright red, shiny and conicalSweetApril to June
WOMENLight red and elongatedSweetApril to June
CandisBright red, shiny and roundedTender and juicyApril to June
gariguetteOrange-red, elongatedJuicy and tangyApril to mid-June
CirafineBright red, shiny and elongatedTangy and slightly aromaticMay and June
mara of the woodsBright and irregular redVery sweet with the scent of the woodsMid-May to October
CharlotteOrange-red and roundedSlightly tangy, scent of the woodsMid-May to October

What to pair Périgord strawberries with?

Strawberry, nuts and jam on a picnic in Les Eyzies, Dordogne ©Instapades Studio - OT Lascaux-Dordogne

The Périgord strawberry is a local product which pleases gourmets and gourmands alike! In Dordogne, Périgord gastronomy full of treasures like foie gras, Périgord nuts, duck breast ou caviar. The opportunity to make many recipes by combining strawberries.

  • As a sweet and savory starter, the Périgord strawberry goes perfectly with an avocado tartare and a foie gras. It is also perfect in salad with a squeeze of lemon and a few basil leaves.
  • As a main course, you can opt for a strawberry-based sauce which deliciously tops a duck breast.
  • For cheese lovers, strawberries go perfectly with Cabécou and noix of Perigord.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, Périgord strawberries can be enjoyed in tartlets, cheesecakes, soups, or crumbles. You'll be spoiled for choice !

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