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Sightseeing Passes to save money

Different passes allow you to visit Perigord at reduced prices. Choose yours !


- Access to about 40 touristic attractions and activities in Dordogne
- Reduced prices up to 50% off
- Valid for a family of 6 members or a group of 4 friends.

How to get your Pass'Périgord ?
- Online on the website of the Comité départemental du Tourisme
- In one of the Tourist Information Centres of Lascaux-Dordogne.


Pass VisItPérigord

Become a privileged visitor with this pass wich allows you to see 12 major sites at the best price !
This electronic pass allows you to save up to 20% and gives access for 1 year to the most visited sites of Périgord in the categories : caves, castles, parks and gardens, theme parks, aquariums, troglodyte sites and cruises.


How to get your Pass VisItPérigord ?
You can buy your pass online : Buy my Pass VisItPérigord 



3 sites related to Prehistory in this Prehistory Pass : Lascaux, Parc du Thot and Laugerie Basse. Book your visit of Lascaux IV (the most recent fac simile) in the language of your choice and discover Le Thot and Laugerie Basse whenever you want it !

How to get your Pass’Préhistoire ?
You can buy your pass online : Buy my Prehistory Pass


Pass activities 

  You and your family will benefit of reduced prices on visits, activities and celebrations organized by Au Fil du Temps.
  For one person or family, first admission : normal price, second admission : reduced price, following admissions : half price and the last admission is free.
  Touristic sites involved : 
  - Rouzique paper mill (Moulin à papier de la Rouzique)
  - Weaving factory of Belvès (Filature de Belvès)
  - Panoramic gardens of Limeuil (Jardins panoramiques de Limeuil)
  - Saint-Avit-Seigneur Abbey (Abbaye de Saint-Avit-Seigneur)

How to get your Pass ?
You will be given one on the first admission to one of the touristic sites or you can get the pass in one of our Tourist Information Centres. Details of the pass here,



A lot of touristic attractions offer an online booking.