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The statue in Les Eyzies

 The Paul Dardé's Statue

The Statue was sculpted by Paul Dardé (1888-1963), a French Sculptor. In 1931, The statue was inaugurated  by Paul Léon, Minister of the Fine Arts. It is situated in the Eyzies, the world Capital of Prehistoric Times.

Known as «the Cro Magnon man», the statue was to represent the Neanderthal man but its creator entitled it  "The primitive man"

As The Eiffel Tower which was contested during the unveiling ceremony (becoming then the symbol of Paris), the statue of "The Primitive Man" was criticized as well but since it has become  the symbol of the Eyzies all over the world.

Les eyzies - Statue cro magnon ©A.Borderie
Les eyzies - Statue cro magnon ©A.Borderie