Why a Quality approach?

Bien culturel inscrit sur la liste du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, au cœur du bassin de la Dordogne classé « réserve de biosphère » par l’UNESCO, territoire classé et détenteur du label Grand Site de France, la vallée de la Vézère est un territoire d’exception qui se révèle de plus en plus comme une destination de tourisme durable à la renommée mondiale.

The Lascaux Dordogne Vallée Vézère Tourist Office has a duty to live up to the reputation of this privileged destination. That's why, a few years ago, it chose to put quality at the heart of its concerns and at the centre of its strategy to enable it to constantly improve its services.

Our quality objectives

In an ever-changing tourism context, reinforced by the health crisis, a Quality Initiative is a response to the need to adapt our services to the expectations of the tourism market and to the development policies of the Communauté de Communes de la Vallée de l'Homme.

The aim is to achieve greater satisfaction among visitors and tourism partners by constantly improving our professional practices.


  • Garantir un système efficace permettant à chacun de trouver rapidement les outils nécessaires pour assurer ses missions
  • Valuing the work done by the team over several years
  • Improve the services provided to our visitors and partners

Towards our visitors

  • A consistent, high-quality welcome throughout the Vézère valley destination
  • Être à l’écoute de nos visiteurs et répondre au mieux à leurs attentes,  avec des conseils éclairés et la prise en compte de leurs avis
  • Provide reliable, up-to-date information using communication tools and media that are consistent with the objectives of sustainable management of the area.

Towards our partners

  • Setting an example and providing better support for their progress and promotion initiatives
  • Structuring, qualifying, promoting and selling the region's tourism offering in order to raise the profile of the destination
  • Developing our relations with external partners and offering them services that meet their expectations

These commitments add value and credibility to our organisation in the eyes of service providers, both private individuals and professionals.
In a highly competitive sector, the aim is for us to set an example and work with all the players in the region to improve visitor satisfaction, thereby enhancing the image and attractiveness of the Vézère valley.

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