Grand Site de France is above all a label awarded by the Ministry of the Environment to very attractive territories in order to implement preservation actions. The goal is to find a fair balance between tourism activities and the protection of the territory and its heritage riches. Today, there are 51 sites labeled or engaged in the labeling process. The Great Site Vézère valley is the 20th in France and the second in New Aquitaine, after that of Marais Poitevin. 

The Vézère valley, a great exceptional site 

The Grand Site Vézère Valley extends along River, from Terrasson-Lavilledieu to Limeuil, classified municipality Most Beautiful Villages of France. This territory located in the heart of the Dordogne and Périgord Noir presents an exceptional natural and cultural heritage. It is to protect this bubble of nature and oxygen that it obtained the label on January 31, 2020. 

The actors work to preserve the emblematic landscapes and heritage of the valley to offer visitors a unique visiting experience.

Witness to the history and evolution of Man 

Since the dawn of time, Man has occupied the Vézère valley ! From prehistoric sites to castles, via Périgord villages, the Vézère Valley alone concentrates the entire history of Man. These are 400 years of human presence which are discovered during tourist visits. 

We obviously think of prehistoric sites like the cave of Font-de-Gaume or that of Lascaux, worldwide famous. Masterpieces of cave art, which allow us to learn a little more about our ancestors. These are also troglodyte sites like La Roque Saint-Christophe, clinging to limestone cliffs and castles that stand proudly like the castle of Commarque or that of Loose, whose terrace overlooks the Vézère river. 

Villages with typical character the Dordogne and Black Périgord are just as much proof of the passage of Man in the Vézère valley. Buildings like the churches contain years of history. Set off to discover our villages like Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère with its beautiful Romanesque church, installed on a bend in the river. Les Eyzies, world capital of Prehistory, will also please you. 

Each site, each building, each stone contains a part of the history of us all. Like a giant puzzle to be reconstructed while exploring the destination, its sites and its villages.  This is what experiencing Grand Site Vézère Valley is all about

…and biodiversity to be preserved! 

The Grand Site Vézère Valley is also a natural heritage of great richness: the large cliffs, the river which winds through the plains. You will be speechless at the beauty of these remarkable landscapes that reveal themselves before your eyes. The river is central in our territory, like a common thread that nourishes life, the fauna and the flora. Moreover, the Vézère is a tributary of the Dordogne, and as such, it is registered as world biosphere reserve since 2012, by UNESCO. 

To discover this preserved nature, go for a descent in canoe. The river is peaceful, listen carefully to hear the birds singing, open your eyes to admire the surrounding nature. You prefer a bike ride ? To explore the Vézère valley, enjoy the landscapes and the rejuvenating calm of the area, embark for a discovery by electric bike. Near us, the small roads are not lacking in charm and take you to our pretty villages. You can also take advantage of the greenway for a stroll along the river. 

From visitors to residents, everyone involved! 

The inhabitants, local actors, the community... all contribute to the development and preservation of the Grand Site Vallée de la Vézère. 

As a visitor to our beautiful destination, you too can take part in this adventure during events like the Grand Site Festival. Every year the destination organizes a party to celebrate the labeling and raise awareness among residents and visitors of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the area. Many animations are offered: walks, shows, conferences... It has become an annual event not to be missed. 

To make your contribution as they say, remember to adopt responsible actions : do not throw your waste in the countryside during your hikes or contact service providers committed to sustainable tourism. Several tourism professionals have the NF Environment label as the Proumeyssac Chasm or Green Key like the Camping La Nouvelle Croze. Others are members of the local ecotourism charter: theVézère Valley eco-charter. This is the case, for example, of Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil

Ready for a visit to the Grand Site de France Vézère Valley?

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