Il fait beau, il fait chaud, normal vous êtes en Dordogne-Périgord ! Mais là, oui, on est d’accord, il fait TROP chaud. Heureusement, vous êtes en vallée Vézère, et on a quelques idées de visites à faire et des endroits, bien au frais, à vous recommander.

There's no shortage of caves in the Dordogne! If you want to keep cool, a cave is ideal!

Did you know that the temperature in caves is constant? In summer and winter, it's always 13 degrees

The prehistoric cave can be painted or engraved. The constant temperature helps to preserve it. You can see for yourself when you visit one of France's most famous caves: Lascaux.

The Vézère valley has other exceptional caves: the Rouffignac cave is ideal for children, and can be visited by miniature train.

Did you know?

Did you also know that the Dordogne has the last polychrome cave in France open to the public: the Font-de-Gaume cave at Les Eyzies, on the road to Sarlat.

Natural caveswith stalagmites and stalactites, such as the Grand Roc cave or the Proumeyssac chasm You can learn all about the geology of Périgord from their guide. Don't hesitate to take a tour of the Proumeyssac chasm during your family holiday: the visit with Professor Géopole is particularly suitable. 

Not bad, eh? But let's be honest, you won't be the only ones to have this idea during your stay in the Périgord... so you'd better book your visit !

Are the museums in the Dordogne air-conditioned?

The Vézère valley is home to the National Prehistory Museum at Les Eyzies. Previously housed in the ancient castle of Les Eyzies, it can be seen from the moment you enter the village. It is set into the cliffs and dominates the town centre from its terrace, which houses the statue of the Primitive Man.

Its air-conditioned galleries will take you on a journey back in time, with its magnificent collections of tools, artefacts and reconstructions of prehistoric man and animals.

Complete your visit with the Prehistory Interpretation Centre. Learn how prehistoric man lived through permanent and temporary exhibitions. The Pôle d'Interprétation de la Préhistoire (Prehistory Interpretation Centre) also offers events every holiday and documentation on all the prehistoric sites in the Dordogne and the rest of France. The centre is air-conditioned!

A visit to the cave art centre Lascaux IV takes you on a detailed tour of the cave paintings discovered not far away, in the original Lascaux cave. The Lascaux caves are just 20 minutes from Sarlat. 

Other museums in the Dordogne welcome you when the weather is warm, here are just a few:

  • l’écomusée de la truffe à Sorges presents the jewel in the crown of Périgord gastronomy
  • l’espace mémoire de Rouffignac takes you back to the time of the Resistance
  • le musée Bovetti will have you salivating with the sweet smells of the chocolate flowing from the workshop adjoining the museum

At the water's edge

Just want to sit by the water? From the Vézère or the Dordogne ? Both, Captain!

Take the direction of village of Limeuilclassified as one of the " Most Beautiful Villages in France "In the same way as Beynac or Domme, close to Sarlat.

Sit down on Port beachlocated in the heart of the village of Limeuil. This pebbled "beach" on the right bank of the Dordogne allows you to enjoy the view while keeping an eye on your children.

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Panoramic gardens of Limeuil

The panoramic viewpoint on the confluence of the Vézère and Dordogne rivers will be a feast for the eyes!

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to have an impromptu picnic on the tables set up by the beach in the shelter of the trees?

Switch to one of the markets our villages have to offer, you'll find local products du Périgord.

Why not hire a canoe?

There's no need to take the longest route, just a few hours will suffice to enjoy the beauty of the Vézère valley. The river is navigable from Montignac-Lascaux à Limeuil. 

The view from the river is breathtaking. Admire this remarkable landscape with its cliffs, its troglodyte sites including La Madeleine and La Roque Saint-Christophe, and châteaux such as Château de Losse and Château de Belcayre.

Various departures are possible, choose your village ! Canoeing bases await you at Montignac-Lascaux and Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, Les EyziesLe Bugue or Limeuil. 

Starting from the Bugue, un petit parcours à faire en famille vous permet de rejoindre Limeuil et d’admirer le décors. Son éperon rocheux est la récompense de vos efforts. 

If your route takes you through the village of Saint-Léon-sur-VézèreTake a refreshing break by the water, sheltered by weeping willows.

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The cliffs on the banks of the Vézère at Saint Léon.

As you make your way down, you're sure to find a little spot to take a dip from time to time.  

The Dordogne is full of refreshing activities for all the family!

Do the kids want to have fun?

Here we go the Bos ponds, à Saint-ChamassyWith its shady park where you can enjoy a picnic, its pools and waterslides and its inflatable games on the pond, a refreshing family day out is guaranteed!

À Journiacthe Jacquou park offers you its Aqualud area with waterslides, swimming pools and a paddling pool to cool off in. The surrounding park is packed with attractions to delight the whole family.

Good to know

The municipal swimming pools at Audrix and Le Bugue are open during the summer months.

Take advantage of night-time visits and events

Why not take advantage of the evening to visit our tourist sites? Châteaux, gardens, caves, etc. offer evening visits and events every summer.

The village of Le Bournatand its amusement park welcome you on certain evenings of the week for a nocturnal visit punctuated by a "special event". fireworks.  Ces soirées vous plongent dans le Périgord des années 1900 et vous guident à travers les us et coutumes de la vie paysanne. Lors de ces soirées, proposées sur le village situé au Bugue, vous pourrez vous restaurer, admirer de nombreux spectacles, concerts et profiter de la fête foraine.

Gourmet and night markets are the rhythm of the summer weeks in the villages of the Vézère valley.

As well as being good places to eat, they are often lively. Sometimes on the banks of the Vézère, often with an extraordinary view: of the château de Montignac-Lascaux or the gardens of Château de Campaign. A wide range of products will give you a taste of the flavours of Périgord.

Ask for the programme in our Tourist Offices or consult our page market.

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