Is it raining in the Dordogne? No, that's impossible! Well, it does happen from time to time, but don't worry! Even in bad weather, you'll be able to find a site or an activity to discover, and all from a sheltered spot!

Does it rain under the rock too?

Inside troglodytic sites: no

Protected beneath the cliffs, the troglodyte sites vous permettent d’admirer la vallée de la Vézère tout en vous préservant des gouttes. Fort, village ou château, leur beauté et leur histoire sauront vous faire oublier la grisaille.

View of the Reignac fortified house, a troglodyte site

Inside natural caves: yes, a little, but it's great!

That's how stalagmites and stalactites are formed! Thanks to the rain and our very specific terroir.
The Dordogne is made up of limestone rocks, with rain infiltrating and trickling through the walls, forming in particular the Proumeyssac chasm or the Grotte du Grand Roc. When the weather is gloomy, a few droplets escape from the ceiling, making the spectacle even more magical.

Worth noting

These two natural sites do not close their doors when it rains (the better-conditioned Gouffre de Padirac can sometimes close in heavy rain).

Prehistoric man wasn't afraid of the rain, and neither are we!

Make the most of bad weather perfecting your prehistory.
In the village of Les Eyzies, the Musée national de Préhistoire and the Pôle d'Interprétation de Préhistoire (Prehistory Interpretation Centre) welcome you in large, sheltered buildings that are not subject to quotas. Just check their opening times.

It's also the perfect time to visit a prehistoric cave. And just as well, we've got plenty of them in the Vézère valley! (Please take care to avoid waiting times when possible, we strongly advise you to book).

Everyone to the museum or workshops!

Limeuil potters' market ©Anne Mallemouche pour web

Well protected in museums and ecomuseumsrediscover ancestral skills. Prehistoric tools don't have a monopoly on the skills of yesteryear in the Vézère valley. Magnificent works of art are being produced every day by renowned workshops such as the Atelier des Fac-Similés at Montignac-Lascaux or the fish leather workshop in Fanlac.

Craftsmen in the Dordogne's Vézère valley don't just work in fine weather. On rainy days you can visit the sculptors, glassblowers, jewellers and ironmongers who nestle in our villages, such as Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, Limeuil or Coly Saint-Amand.

Good Plan

Book your special "Savoir-faire au rendez-vous" visit during the summer!

On the crocodiles, the water, rather than on us!

Without getting wet, you can enjoy theAquarium du Périgord Noir in Le Bugue with its 6,000 freshwater fish and its alligator park. Take the tour that takes you from the myocastors to the vivariums and the turtle pond. Young and old alike will have a great time, sheltered from the grey clouds.

And lhe wind is getting in the way, so what can you do?

Great, it's raining and cold!

But it's an ideal day for doing the Prehistoric maze, the Lazzer City or the Galaxy VR with family or friends! There's so much to do in the Vézère valley, it's guaranteed to make your day. 

We told you, even in the rain, there's NEVER a dull moment in the Dordogne!

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