Shimmering colours, autumnal flavours, forest walks and peace and quiet... It's autumn in the Périgord Noir, and we've got all the advice you need to make the most of your stay in the Dordogne during this beautiful season.


Incredible colours

In autumn, the landscapes of the Périgord Noir are decked out in warm colours. Explore the parks and footpaths of the Dordogne to discover all the beauty of our department.


A walk through the forests of the Périgord Noir

Put on your best pair of trainers and set off to discover the unspoilt nature of the Dordogne. From Montignac-Lascaux to Limeuil, the Vézère valley is full of (no, it's not truffle season yet) hiking trails like that of 7 Tours at Les Eyzies and Péchorel in Journiac. All of them offer you a unique opportunity to discover the area: the forest decked out in golden hues, walnut and chestnut trees lining your path... Our little piece of advice: Listen carefully and keep your eyes wide open. Who knows, you might just catch a glimpse of the king of our forests: the deer.


Lascaux remains open

The Centre International de l'Art Pariétal is open from February to December. Make the most of the autumn calm to book your visit.

Visit at your own pace

While some sites close their doors at the end of the season... Others are still open and ready to welcome you during your stay.
Take advantage of the peaceful autumn to brush up on your historical knowledge with a visit to the Roque Saint-Christophe or de la Madeleine. Then go to National Museum of Prehistory or to the Prehistory Interpretation CentreLocated in the heart of the village of Les Eyzies, you can find out all about our ancestors. We promise you won't be bored: the Proumeyssac chasmthe Grotte du Grand Roc or theAquarium du Périgord NoirYou're spoilt for choice.

Fun with family and friends

In autumn, the Vézère valley and the Périgord Noir come alive with activities and events for all ages. Organised walks, musical events or activities for children... There's plenty to do! Coming for the All Saints' Day holidays? The sites offer a whole host of new activities to celebrate the holidays and the famous Halloween festival. From fun activities to thrills and chills, there's something for everyone.

Strolling through the narrow streets of our villages 

Stroll from village to village to discover the charm and beauty of our local architecture. 

Stop off at Saint-Léon-sur-VézèreTake a stroll through the narrow streets and push open the doors of our craftsmen's workshops. They'll be delighted to chat with you and share their well-preserved skills.


Fresh walnut season

The health benefits of walnuts are well established. Walnuts from Périgord can be enjoyed as a dressing for salads or in cakes. Mmm!

Tasty products made in Périgord

Autumn is the season for mushrooms, walnuts and chestnuts... they adorn the stalls of the local shops. local markets and bring an autumnal touch to your dishes. We love a good duck breast with chestnut purée and a drizzle of walnut oil! And to satisfy your sweet tooth, the icing on the cake is a slice of Lascaux, a walnut-based cake made in the best bakery in Montignac-Lascaux. What better way to accompany this delicious meal than with a bottle of Bergerac wine. Autumn is also harvest season, so make the most of your stay in the Dordogne to visit the Bergerac vineyards and bring back a bottle or two as a souvenir.

Need help planning your holiday?

Contact the Lascaux-Dordogne, Vézère Valley Tourist Office. We'll guide you before and during your stay: activities to do, events not to miss depending on your school holiday zone, the perfect hotel for you and your family or nature accommodation to relax in. Our local experts will answer all your questions.

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