The rain is falling on the Dordogne, what can I do during my vacation? 

Although the Dordogne department benefits from sunshine above the average in France, it sometimes happens that the weather is not good in Périgord. And then you say to yourself: my week of camping is falling through! My vacation is ruined!  Don't worry, even in rainy weather you will always find well-sheltered visits or activities in the Vézère valley!

We pass through the raindrops, we go to the museum

In Les Eyzies, nestled under the cliff, the National Museum of Prehistory allows you to discover over 3 years of history on 400 levels. Through its exhibition rooms, full of stone tools, art objects, life-size reconstructions of prehistoric men and animals, travel back in time from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. The visit takes place independently and at your own pace. Guided tours and workshops for children are also offered during school holidays. So take advantage of the bad weather to become a pro in prehistory !

A few hundred meters from the museum, complete your visit with the Prehistory interpretation centre. Your permanent and temporary exhibitions will complete your visit to the museum. During the school holidays, workshops such as archaeological excavations or activities around prehistory will delight young and old alike. Its media library offers you free of charge a set of resources to learn about Prehistory, but also about populations, cultures, the environment, art and prehistoric sites here and elsewhere. 

In Montignac-Lascaux, the International Center for Cave Art Lascaux IV allows you to be sheltered and to remember a major historical period in our history. Indeed, it was on the eve of the Second World War that Lascaux was discovered by four young children from the region. Discover how this discovery in 1940 changed the history of Périgord and made this country a mecca for tourism in France.

Museums with varied themes also await you in the towns of the department, here are a few: the tobacco museum in Bergerac, the MAAP or Vesunna in Périgueux, the Medicine museum in Hautefort, etc.

Ideal temperature in the caves 

This is also the perfect time to visit a cave. And that’s good, we have plenty of them in the region! And what's more, no matter the weather, the temperatures inside are constant.
Certainly, the Vézère valley is home to the famous Lascaux cave, but not only !
Take a seat on the little train, and let's go for an hour's visit to the Cave of Rouffignac discovering the drawings, engravings and bear burrows present in this cave of more than 8 km.
In the village of Les Eyzies, towards Sarlat, the Font de Gaume cave presents the latest polychrome paintings that can be visited in France. The one-hour guided tour will take you back 15 years. Not far away, the Combarelles cave During your visit, you will discover more than 600 prehistoric engravings. 

Shaped by time and water, in the Dordogne, a large number of geological caves can be visited. Two of them are located in the Vézère valley.

In Les Eyzies, towards Périgueux, perched on the side of a cliff, the cave of Great Rock is a mineral marvel. It is the only concretion cave listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. His guided tour will teach you how the water passing through the limestone rock created this geological masterpiece.


About fifteen kilometers away, in the charming village of Audrix, set off to discover the largest developed cavity in Périgord: the Chasm of Proumeyssac, also called “the crystal cathedral”. 

Take advantage of the one-hour guided tour on foot, or dare to go down in a basket. You can benefit from the many activities offered around the visit to the chasm, ideal for families.

Other geological caves are also open to visits in the Dordogne such as the Maxange caves at the Buisson de Cadouin towards Bergerac or the Domme caves near Sarlat. 

(Be careful in season to avoid waiting, when possible, it is strongly recommended to book for visiting the caves)

Well protected against the cliff

Protected under the cliffs, troglodyte sites allow you to admire the Vézère river and its surrounding plains while protecting yourself from the rain.
La Roque Saint-Christophe has always been a natural place of protection for humans.
For more than a kilometer, this huge shelter aerial was occupied from prehistoric times until the Middle Ages. You can take advantage of its guided tour to learn more about the Middle Ages and take part in the various activities offered in season. 

An indoor activity for the whole family

Surrounded by water but dry, the'Aquarium of Périgord Noir at Le Bugue, with its 6000 fish, is the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. More than fish, its Alligator Park presents caimans, alligators, anacondas... which you can get up close with the VIP trainee visits and the numerous activities offered.

On the same site, the Prehistoric Labyrinth will make you shiver. Set off to discover the last Cro-Magnon by solving the puzzles that will be proposed to you, crossing 7 different atmospheres, thrills guaranteed!  
In Journiac, spend some time with family or friends at the largest laser game in France: The Lazzer city. Complete your experience and go on a VR mission by playing Contagion Activity. For the little ones Go Kids Park is the ideal place. Enough to spend an afternoon, at least, dry, and bring the temperature up.

No matter the weather, we have castles here!

Don't they say that in Périgord there are a thousand and one castles? You will inevitably find a castle that you like to shelter you from the rain.

In the Vézère valley, the Fortified house of Reignac in Tursac can be visited in all weathers. Let's go…

You discover one of the castles the most mysterious of Périgord and you will be scared if you dare to visit the torture room. Niche on the side of a cliff, it hides impressive underground and aerial rooms and it is the only cliff castle in France to be so well preserved. In addition to being atshelter from the rain, small fireplace awaits you if the temperatures are low.

Not far from there, in the village of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, the Dungeon and Manor of La Salle offers you an exceptional architectural ensemble.
In the keep, you admire the slate roofs, characteristic of the Dordogne and the breathtaking view of the village classified as “Most Beautiful Villages of France”. If you are staying on a camping trip, do not hesitate to contact the campsite Le ParadisMany rental waiting for you.

Near Sarlat, the Dordogne valley is full of castles. THE Beynac castle overlooks the Dordogne valley offering breathtaking views of the river. Discover the legend of Richard the Lionheart and the lords of Beynac. When the weather is capricious, we advise you to go up to the castle by car. Paving stones slip in rainy weather.
In front of him, the Castelnaud castle is the fortified castle par excellence! Let yourself be carried away by its medieval history, its impressive war machines, its spectacular view (even sheltered in a room of the castle). In addition, the many activities offered during the holidays will delight the whole family.  
Between Les Eyzies and Sarlat, the Puymartin castle would house the famous white lady... Do you dare to venture there? 

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