At what age can you start discovering the Périgord?

Lovers of the Périgord Noir will tell you that there's no age limit for marvelling at a castle or a cave.
Your tribe ranges from 3 to 20 years old, so don't worry, we've got everything you need!
For a successful holiday, choose places and activities that suit their age. Here's some advice from our local experts.

Travelling with young children or a newborn? 

For a family holiday just a stone's throw from Sarlat, the Périgord may not be a high-altitude destination, but it owes its beauty to its hilly landscapes and its its villages sometimes high up. For your walks a pushchair and baby carrier to help you get around comfortably.

Equipped ? the Vézère Valley opens up to you. Continue your visits as you wish and at your child's pace.
Lunch break ? Our restaurant owners will be delighted to reheat a small dish or offer you a children's menu. Some are even equipped with changing tableAs well as tourist and other sites.
Petite siesta in the shade? Visit castle park de Campagne is ideally placed for a break between two visits. With free access, its hundred-year-old sequoias and cedars offer shady areas ideal for siestas.

Clever! Are you looking for a place where you don't have to carry your baby for an hour? We've listed the accessible sites in wheelchairs, and therefore accessible by pushchair.


Is your child more of a knight/princess, dinosaur or Cro magnon?

Rest assured, we've all been there! Why not visit a castle during your stay?

Little princesses will be amazed by the costumes of Joséphine Baker at the Château des Milandes, where they will think they are the Queen during the visit of the Losse castle in Thonac. For the great warriors, go to Commarque castle to Les Eyzies to admire the 80-metre-high fort... 

If baby-chou is more of a Dino team, we've got you covered too! Go to Conquil, in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère. The shady park promises a journey back to the time of the triceratops, diplodocus and other species that inhabited the Earth 200 million years ago. The reproductions are animated and a soundtrack will take your family on a timeless journey.

We immerse ourselves in prehistoric times to the caves at Roc de Cazelle or Castel-Merle by lighting a fire, hunting game with the thruster or by reproducing the gestures of the first cave artists. Follow the guide to find out about all the workshops on offer: Agenda

Children love animals

Visit Thot ParkThe exhibition is a unique opportunity for children to get up close and personal with the animals. The exhibition looks at the relationship between man and animals in prehistoric times, and presents a wide range of species, including aurochs, bison and Przewalski's horses, the ancestors of the animals painted on the walls of the Lascaux cave. But it is certainly the wolves that will grab their attention the most!   

Still on the theme of prehistory, the Regourdouknown for its prehistoric site, just a stone's throw from Lascaux, is presenting its 4 brown bearsCharly, Noisette, Cassy and Mishka, you'll discover their link with Neanderthal man. 

The Vézère valley is an unspoilt region, flora and fauna are still very much present. Difficult to spot the fish in the Vézère? We invite you to find them at theAquarium du Périgord Noir in Le Bugue. The tour begins with the world of myocastors, takes you on a journey through the aquatic world of fish freshwater and crocodiles and finally a vivarium. Fish-feeding activities will impress your little ones.

Geese, sheep, donkeys, rabbits, chickens... Alongside the aquarium, animals have their natural place at the Parc du Bournat. In a journey back to the XIXth A visit to the park will give you a feel for the village atmosphere that prevailed in Périgord at the time. You'll move from the miller at the potterywith a diversion to the brasserie.  The whole family will have a great day out in this park of old trades. Visit rides and period gamesLe Bournat is a must when you're staying in the Dordogne with children. 

Shall we continue? Heading towards Périgueux, the Mortemart wild boar waiting for you to visit.

A little further on horses return to equestrian centres in Sergeac, Les Eyzies or Campagne. 

Are your teenagers watching too much TV? We're going to make them want to get out and about! !

In search of thrills, physical activities ? Tree courses are a great way to challenge your limits while enjoying nature. Visit Prehistobranch offers a range of tours, and you can combine your visit with the Dinosaur Park and a visit to the prehistoric site of Conquil on the same site. There's something for all the family.

The Big Bird at Le Bugue, a 22-metre-high aerial course on 4 floors, is bound to catch your children's eye - there's no point resisting, they'll want to go! 

Another option is the Lazzer City In Journiac, as a team or individually, your teenagers will take on a dark, apocalyptic city. Who will emerge victorious on points?   

Looking for something cool? In the water park, at the Etangs du Bos Which of the children is the most agile at jumping, climbing and crossing inflatable structures on water WITHOUT FALLING! 

Cycling on the green lane The Green Route: one of a range of cycling routes, the Green Route is accessible to all, even the less sporty. With very little change in altitude, the 22 km can be swallowed up quickly and is a great way to get some fresh air. 

On a more cultural note, plan a holiday in the Dordogne to rediscover Prehistory with the whole family! The Dordogne is packed with prehistoric sites. 

In the Vézère valley, we have the most famous cave: the Lascaux cave. By visiting the Lascaux IV International Centre of Cave ArtWe promise you an interactive tour that's sure to please everyone. During the visit, a your guide to tell you all about the discovery of the cave and the techniques used in cave art.
For teenagers, thedigital world is very much in evidence. A touch-sensitive tablet will accompany them throughout their experience, tracking their movements in the different areas, activating the digital devices and providing them with information.

A must-see and unforgettable visit during your stay in Périgord.

Terra aventura, the app that makes all children walk, even teenagers!

Yes, yes, we promise. If you're new to geocaching, now's the time to get started. Last but not least, children will be able to use their mobile phones to visit the site!
By downloading the application Terra AventuraYou'll have access to walking routes graded according to difficulty and size. The what? The Poiz! It's a 'pin', as the old-timers would say, that you have to collect. Geocaching enthusiasts have them all over their rucksacks. It's easy to spot each other when you're a geocaching aficionado? The idea is to move forward using the application's GPS, answering questions along the way, like a quiz accessible to all by observing your surroundings, to finally get a geolocated address. Are you there yet? Then, much to the excitement of the children, it's off to the treasure hunt: you have to find the hiding place where the famous poiz is.

It's an excellent way for families to discover the Vézère valley in a fun (and sometimes sporting) way. The Dordogne offers a wide range of walking routes on a variety of themes. Download the Terra Aventura application. 

What activities are possible with children?

The Lascaux-Dordogne tourist sites put together a packed programme every summer to make your family holiday a real success. Visit our tourist offices to find out what's on.

Which town to choose in the Dordogne with children?

We chose Le Bugue for

  • events: gourmet market, local produce festival, Saint Louis festival, etc.
  • its wide range of tourist sites: the Bournat park, the Périgord Noir Aquarium, the Prehistoric Labyrinth, the Proumeyssac chasm, etc.
  • activities: canoeing, big bird, elf wood
  • mid-range and top-range campsites with kids' clubs

Montignac-Lascaux was chosen for

  • its prehistoric sites: Lascaux, Regourdou, Thot
  • events: culture aux cœurs festival, gourmet market, etc.
  • its holiday villages

Journiac was chosen for

  • amusement parks: Jacquou Parc, Lazzer Game, Axe Fun Game, etc.
  • its tranquillity
  • its holiday rentals

We chose Les Eyzies for

  • its prehistoric sites: National Museum, prehistoric shelters, Interpretation Centre, Roc de Cazelle cave
  • its hotels
  • its proximity to Sarlat

We choose Peyzac, Sergeac, Savignac de Miremont, Audrix or any other village in the Vézère valley for

  • have a wonderful family holiday.

Which sites are aimed at children?

The "Dordogne en famille" guide, the reference for parents

In the Dordogne, the family is as important as prehistory or our river, that's for sure! The Tourist Office has compiled a list in the departmental guide " Dordogne as a family The site also includes a "children's sites" section. You can find out how old you need to be to take part in the workshop on offer. Consult the list.

Explore the vezere valley with your family

A change from traditional visits, with adapted activities.

The descent into canoe is a must for any stay in the Dordogne. On a hot day, you can enjoy paddling while taking in the view: the Château de Belcayre (which can only be seen from the river) or the passage under the Roque Saint-Christophe. However, you'll need be able to swim and be at least 5 years old.
Ouch, your pitchoune doesn't meet these conditions, no worries. In that case, we'll sail on the Dordogne. At both Beynac and La Roque-Gageac, there are jigs The guide will show you the castles and villages along the way. No effort, just enjoy. 

If you'd like to get a bit of exercise with your children, we've got the right places for you. mini-golfs of the valley.

When it's hot, we've got what it takes

Many campsites of the Périgord Noir have a aquatic area to keep your children occupied. Find them in our section Campsite by selecting the "swimming pool" criterion.

And if you're looking for the perfect day, the Proumeyssac chasm ! Children love this natural cavity. Inside, there's a magical sound and light show to enchant young and old alike. Outside, an educational playground for budding explorers.

The Jacquou Parc is another great way to spend the day with the family. A wave pool and roller coasters will keep teenagers amused. Younger children will love the antique merry-go-rounds, the wooden horses, the carousel... This amusement park is suitable for all ages. 

Where to go with young children?

You can't do everything in a week. As we all know, children sleep.
Well, in principle?
If you're looking to "tire out" your children, here are a few places where they can run around:

The flat villages of Lascaux - Dordogne

We'll point you in the right direction to find a nice village to walk around where it's not too steep.
First, we take you to Campaign. It's the ideal place to taking your first steps for your child. Chalk paths intertwine in this green setting. Lawn or stable to start with? It's up to them to decide... In the park surrounding the château, the impressive two-hundred-year-old trees will be an inexhaustible source of fun. hide and seek for all the family. 

Then, why not visit Coly Saint-Amand, A country village surrounded by nature and Périgord stone. Situated on the road to Sarlat from Montignac-Lascaux, Coly Saint-Amand is packed with artisans and artists in its main street in summer. It's a great place for an after-summer stroll!
If you've brought your baby carrier with you, there's a walking trail around the village that tells the story of this "Most Beautiful Village in France" and offers exceptional views.
What if your child stays up lateAnd don't forget to visit the gourmet market on Tuesday evenings for a taste of the local cuisine.  

The Green Route

There's nothing like strolling along the river Vézère with a pushchair. There are a number of different sections, but we recommend a stroll along the quays of Le Bugue as far as the Pont de Campagne. This stretch is relatively wide and has excellent facilities for pushchairs. There is even a picnic area at the end of the quays, near Le Bournat, where you can take a lunch break.

Need a secure restaurant?

There's no doubt that your stomachs will be bursting after all these discoveries! We invite you to consult our page dedicated to restaurants in the area with an enclosed terrace. You can't put a price on dining with peace of mind.

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