No doubt your stomach will be crying out after all that activity?
The Périgord Noir will teach your children about culture, history, the beauty of nature and French gastronomy.

A restaurant with an enclosed terrace

Quoi de plus stressant que de se poser en terrasse et d’être en permanence en train de surveiller vos bambins ? De passage en ville, voici quelques restaurants qui ont pensé à vous !

  • The Swan, Le Bugue
    The restaurant has a room with a fireplace for winter excursions, a room under the veranda and a dining room with a fireplace. shaded, fully enclosed terrace where you can enjoy the chef's expertise in complete tranquillity. Just a stone's throw from the village of Le Bournat, the Aquarium and the Bois des lutins.
  • Le Louna, Les Eyzies
    This restaurant in the rue principale des Eyzies offers a sun-drenched terrace with views of the river, mini-golf course and the games for children just under the terrace and belonging to the restaurant. The team will be happy to advise you on what to choose for your children.
  • Chez Paul, Le Bugue
    This restaurant is in the heart of the village of Le Bournat. Accessible even without visiting the park (but if you book in advance), you can enjoy all the local produce such as Périgord salad, enchaud or beer brewed on site. Lmusical atmosphere and thetree shade guarantee good humour throughout the day.

A restaurant with space

If you prefer to test the real Périgord cuisineIf you're looking for a place to stay, we've got the farmhouse inns for you. In the heart of the countryside, the children can stretch their legs and you can enjoy a full meal. Here are a few addresses:

  • The local tableLa Chapelle Aubareil
    This restaurant natural environment renews its card each month but keeps its local menu throughout the year. Visit children's menu adapts to your children's appetites.
  • L'Auberge du Peyrol- Chez Janine, Sergeac
    This character inn in the heart of the Vézère valley takes you on a tasty journey back in time, where the scent of the family cuisine will take you back to your childhood. The little ones can enjoy themselves on the terrace.

A meal on a tight budget

Picnic at Les Eyzies

All along the Vézère valley, you will find picnic areas the best. After a trip to the market of the dayA meal consisting of a foie gras sandwich, cabécou cheese and a punnet of strawberries will delight the youngsters' taste buds. They'll be able to express themselves all around these tables while you enjoy the rest of the bottle of Monbazillac in peace and quiet.

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