Was your child behaved during the entire visit? He listened to the guide who detailed each part of the cave and didn't flinch for a single moment? And that's because you promised him that he would have his moment of freedom at the end of the visit... We like words kept, so here are some ideas for him to get some fresh air.

A stay in the Dordogne is a stay in the countryside, there is space! 


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Your child needs to run 

No worries, we list below all the nooks and crannies of Dordogne where he can frolic without risk:

  • the near the Vézère au Buggy (a skate park and a playground as a bonus)
  • le Falquette Park à Rouffignac-saint-cernin-de-reilhac. (take your book, benches are available)
  • le meadow under the municipal hall byaudrix (swimming pool nearby and Terra Aventura course)
  • la Country forest (make him climb the 139 steps of the staircase several times and you take the less rough path on the right)
  • le along the river à Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère (not the left bank, on the edge of the cliff, eh! But definitely on the right bank path which leads from the town to the hiking trail)
  • le town hall park in Les Eyzies (games and picnic area nearby)
  • le square Pautauberge à Montignac-Lascaux (kiosk and river view as a bonus)
  • the hiking trails à Coly-Saint-Amand (with varying distances depending on the route selected, these paths are particularly suitable for families)

Périgord, an ideal playground for children's daydreams

The Vézère valley has municipal playgrounds, they are generally good adapted and secure for the little ones but when your child is older, he needs space, to exert himself by inventing a story of a pirate, a knight or a discoverer. In Périgord, with all these castles and caves, his imagination will develop, that's for sure!
Well, we have a few islands too, yes, yes, we swear. But for this a boat is necessary. Ok, these are rather small islets which mark out the Vézère when you go out in canoeing . Nevertheless, it gives depth to the landscape 😉 And you know as we do that children need very few things to create a story.

“Dordogne en famille”, the special guide for children

We invite you to discover all the activities offered by the tourist sites in this guide published for the whole of the Dordogne. Some animations are manual but others require real physical effort.

For each activity you will find the minimum age required to participate, prices and some recommendations.

Explore the vezere valley with your family

Visits that we recommend to tire out your children (and sometimes the parents, it must be admitted)

PCU_La Roque St Christophe_Peyzac-le-Moustier©Agence Urope (26)
  • Roque Saint-Christophe (don't make him run during the visit of course, but time is not limited on the site, let him run back and forth in the rock)
  • Bournat Park (merry-go-rounds, animals,... okay but if we first look at the bakery, the mill, the work of the lacemaker, the potter... In short, you get the idea! Blackmail is not good but hey... Many steps are necessary to visit the entire park)
  • the castle of Commarque (1- we take a path to get to the castle, 2- it goes up for the visit, 3- lots of activities, 4- an accessible plain at the foot of the castle without any danger for running)
  • the Prehisto-park Kesako? A journey through the forest (#heatwave => brilliant idea) which allows you to follow the habits and customs of prehistoric men through child-sized reconstructions of scenes.
  • the Cabanes du Breuil (your child can wander through the bories without stopping you from contemplating these little architectural gems)
  • the panoramic gardens of Limeuil (1- it goes up to get there, 2- a fun route is offered, 3- possibility of hide and seek, 4- there is the possibility of swimming in the river below)
  • Eyrignac and its gardens (just the maze should amuse them! But otherwise, visit the Japanese garden, then the vegetable garden, then the botanical trails, then…)

Fun for everyone

Sometimes, we just need to have fun, to have fun with the family: head to the amusement parks:

  • Jacquou Park, depending on the size of the children, we choose the carousels or the roller coaster
  • the elves' wood, we travel through the forest through secure nets then we let loose on inflatable structures. Who, your child or your partner, will have the most fun? Come and tell us at the Tourist Office…
  • The Conquil, Prehistobranch ou Dinosaur park ? Depending on everyone's desires, on the same site, we opt for the sporty version or the walking version. forest in the company of t-rex, diplodocus and other life-size specimens. Discounts are possible if you take the whole thing!

Choosing a holiday in the Dordogne for your family is the guarantee of finding an activity for everyone! Discover our other sections that help you prepare your trip to Périgord with your children.

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