Visiting the Dordogne with your baby? It's brilliant!

Of course, you'll want to take your baby carrier with you, as the steep cliffs at sites such as la Roque Saint-Christophe or la Madeleine are not really accessible with a pushchair. And yes, in prehistoric times and the Middle Ages, we didn't use this means of locomotion! However, you can't always go out with all the equipment you need for the very young on a trip to the in the Vézère Valley.

Bib? Check it!
The lollipop? Check!
The cuddly toy? Check!
Nappies? Check!
Ah yes, but where am I going to change it ? At the back of the car, why not, but not very comfortable ... for him or for you.

So here is a non-exhaustive list of places where you can find changing tables to relieve your baby and your back.

On tourist sites

  • Le Bugue :
    - Aquarium du Périgord Noir
    - Parc du Bournat
    - Le Bois des lutins
  • At Les Eyzies :
    - The Roc de Cazelle caves
    - National Museum of Prehistory
    - Prehistory Interpretation Centre
  •  Saint-Félix-de-Reilhac-de-Mortemart :
    - Jacquou Parc
  • Saint-Léon-Sur-Vézère :
    - Le Conquil
    - Le Préhisto Branche
    - Dinosaur Park
  • Thonac :
    - Thot Park
  • Montignac-Lascaux :
    - Lascaux IV

In some restaurants

  • At Les Eyzies :
    – 1862
    - The Glycines bistro
    - The Cro-Magnon
    - Le Syana
    - La Table du Centenaire
    - The Beaux Jours terrace
    - Nosco
    - Hostellerie du Passeur
  • In Audrix :
    - Through the seasons
  • In Limeuil :
    - At the Ancre de Salut
    - Garden Party
    - Le Chai
    - Les Balcons de l'Espérance
    - Le Perdigat
  • In Peyzac-Le-Moustier :
    - Les Délices de la Roque
  • In Thonac :
    - The Princess's Garden
  • Saint-Avit-de-Vialard :
    -Aux Avisés
  • Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère :
    - L'Auberge du Pont




In public toilets

  • Sergeac : 140 Place des templiers
  • Fanlac: near the information point

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