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The festival offers you a week of travel

End of July, it's a whole week of celebration, discovery, exchanges, meetings and sharing with the “Cultures aux Cœurs” festival ! A real journey around the world for the Montignac-Lascaux Festival.

Many free activities are offered during the day: concerts to the rhythm of world music, dance demonstrations, etc. shows on the main stage each evening, followed by a free concert at the festival bodega.

A music festival but not only…

The festival is also the exhibition/sale arts and crafts from around the world open in July/August, craft market open the weekend of the festival and a cycle of international conferencesfilm screeningsdebates.

Where does the festival take place?

Every year, the town of Montignac-Lascaux hosts the “Culture aux cœurs” festival. For several years, artists from all over the world have also traveled through the villages of the Vézère valley. Concerts are scheduled at tourist sites such as Castel Merle or the Château de Campagne park.

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