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Terra Aventura, Geocaching in Vézère Valley

Do you like treasure hunts ? geocaching ? Or are you yet a Terr'adventurer ?

Terra Adventura is the local version of geocaching. it's a digital treasure hunt in which participants use a mobile phone to seek containers called "caches" that are hidden in nature.

It will allow you to discover our territory through different itineraries, with the help of the Poi'z, the small creatures who secretly inhabit our region. You will have to resolve enigmas, through a mobile app, to pick them up.

Rendez-vous in Vézère Valley to discover the Poi'z and live new adventures. Will you find them ?

 Zéchopp in Montignac :

"A story of bridges", the 2 kms long itinerary (1-2 hours) will take you to discover the history of trading since the Middle-Age. You will fall under the spell of the village and its medieval houses.

 Zarthus in Audrix :

The 4.5 kms long itinerary (1-2 hrs) called "Geometrix in Audrix" is a bit more confidential. This itinerary will allow you to review mathematics and discover the small village surrounded by woods and its points of views over two valleys. 

 Zéidon in Peyzac le Moustier

The 2.5 kms itinerary (1-2 hrs) called "Travel in the Mousterian area" is a journey from Prehistory to the 20th century through the theme of water.

​ Zécolo, the bonus Poi’z :

Help us keep the itineraries clean by collecting your waste on the way. Take a selfie and go to the next Tourist Information Centre with your photo to get that Poi'z.


Terra Aventura, geocaching in family ®MalikaTurin
Terra Aventura, geocaching in family ®MalikaTurin


Terra aventura is a 100% free activity, available all year long.

enlightened Download the free app on Android or Itunes.

More information : www.terra-aventura.fr

To learn how to play, watch the video