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Think about your impact on the environment during your stay in the Vézère Valley!

During your holidays in the Vézère Valley, you will travel through and discover a number of fragile and classified sites: prehistoric sites, castles, forests, wetlands, protected areas... bordered by a majestic river: the Vézère.

The Valley welcomed humanity 400,000 years ago! It is internationally recognised for its extraordinary concentration of prehistoric sites, including those listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

In order to protect this exceptional setting, the Vézère valley has been labelled Grand Site de France® by the ministry in charge of the environment and a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

To preserve these areas, adopt a few simple and easy gestures that can make a difference.



You can reduce water and energy consumption with a few good habits:

Turn off the lights when you leave a room, and take advantage of the pleasant daylight and sunshine whenever you have the chance. 

To save water: favour showers over baths, be careful to turn off the tap water during your daily washing routine and use the eco programs on your household appliances!

Do your bit for the planet by sorting your waste, even on holiday, following the sorting instructions!



Use reusable crockery and cutlery and remember to take your picnic leftovers with you when you eat out in the countryside or on the banks of the Vézère. Avoid wasting food by preparing and serving reasonable quantities.

If you go to a restaurant and you can't finish your meal, don't hesitate to ask for a doggy bag!

For your shopping, go to local markets, producers' shops, and shops that are close by! This way, you can enjoy the excellent local products of the Périgord Noir.  Finally, don't forget to bring your shopping bags with you for a successful shopping trip! 



Take advantage of the magnificent landscapes of the Vézère Valley by favouring more sustainable travel. Rent the electrically-assisted bicycles available in the towns of Montignac, Les Eyzies, Le Bugue and Rouffignac. Soak up the atmosphere of the Perigord villages by buying your bread and doing your shopping on foot. You will be able to admire the buildings and enjoy the charm of our villages!

If you want to travel to neighbouring areas, think about car sharing! This will give you the chance to meet locals and holidaymakers and share some friendly moments.

Finally, don't forget the trains leaving from the stations of Les Eyzies or Condat to continue discovering the area via by rail.



Finally, if you want to fully appreciate the beauty of this valley, choose outdoor activities!

Canoe down the Vézère to discover all the secrets and treasures of the river.

Would you like to discover the forests and paths of the area in a surprising way? Why not go horseriding? Ask at the equestrian centres in the Valley to enjoy the open air and extraordinary views!

If you feel thirsty in the open air, remember to bring your water bottle! This way you can avoid the inconvenience of plastic bottles.

Do you like the beautiful scenery of the Valley? Then please don't throw your rubbish in the countryside! That way you can enjoy it for many years to come...

Finally, fellow hikers, to appreciate the flowers along the walking routes, remember to avoid trampling on them by sticking to the paths!

Vallée Vézère ©A.Borderie
Vallée Vézère ©A.Borderie
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