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Top 5 questions

How can we reserve tickets for the Lascaux caves ?

Reservation online is strongly recommended on the website  www.lascaux.fr  for Lascaux IV International  Centre for Parietal art or www.lascaux2.fr for Lascaux II.

It is possible to buy tickets directly at the ticket office of the two sites during opening hours subject to availablilty. 

What is the difference between Lascaux II and Lascaux IV?

Lascaux II was opened in 1983 and is the first copy of the Lascaux Cave representing approximately 80% of the original. This site remains open to the public.  To find out more +

Lascaux IV – International centre for Parietal art allows you to discover the totality of the original Lascaux caves and thanks to new technologies to better understand parietal art. To find out more+

What is the difference between the Interpretation centre for Prehistory and the National museum of Prehistory at Les Eyzies?

The Interpretation centre for Prehistory sheds light on the heritage of the Valley of the Vézère and presents the different sites and important locations of our region. It’s an excellent starting point for your holidays before visiting the various sites (Caves, museums etc) particularly thanks to modern supports such as 3D video, digital spaces and a teaching area. You will discover prehistory in an educational  way.  To find out more+

The National museum of Prehistory exhibits collections and ancient objects from a number of Prehistoric sites : artworks, bones, tools etc…You can visit the museum with or without a guide. It’s the ideal place to better understand  the Prehistoric  period. 

How can we  visit the Grotte de Font de Gaume and the Grotte de Combarelles ?

Reservations for the Font de Gaume and Combarelles caves can only be made online at www.sites-les-eyzies.fr 

The number of visitors is limited to 13 people per visit for Font de Gaume and 7 people per visit for Combarelles.  For more information *

What can we do with the children in the Valley of the Vézère?

The Vézère valley is one big outdoor play area, ideal for keeping children amused.  For more information+

Where can we ramble in the open countryside of the Vézère Valley?

We have many walking routes, short and long, in the Vézère Valley. You can appreciate the diversity of plants, animals and the local heritage thanks to these routes. To find out more+

At the Tourist Office you will find walking maps and mountain biking routes with different levels of difficulty. To find out more+

What means of transport can I use to visit the Vézère valley?

The best way to get around the Vézère Valley is by car.

Trains stop at Le Bugue, Les Eyzies, Condat sur Vézère and Sarlat. After that you will need to hire a car or take a taxi.

By bus there are regular lines all year round between Périgueux, Montignac-Lascaux and Sarlat as well as Montignac-Lascaux, Terrasson and Brive la Gaillarde

In summer, there is a summer line between Montignac-Lascaux and Le Bugue which stops at several points in the Vézère Valley. There is also a line between Sarlat and Les Eyzies. To find out more+

Where can I sleep with my camping car in the Vézère valley?

Most campsites have pitches available for Camping cars. But there are also dedicated Camping car sites in certain villages including Le Bugue, Les Eyzies, Saint Léon Sur Vézère and Montignac. To find out more+

Where can we swim in the Vézère Valley?

 In summer the municipal swimming pools of Le Bugue and Audrix are open.

There are also lakes open for swimming in high season such as the étang de Coucou, the étang du Bos and the étang de Tamniès. To find out more+

An aquatic centre is also available at the Jacquou Park. To find out more+

What sports can I take part in in the Vézère Valley?

Numerous sports are on offer. Horse-riding, climbing, golf, mountain biking, orienteering, cycling and archery are available all year round. And in high season there is canoeing, paddleboard, tree climbing, and potholing.