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Travel in Vézère Valley for disabled people

The Tourist Information Centre Lascaux-Dordogne has a list of all the tourist service providers who are comitted to greet and help disabled people, these providers have been awarded the national label "Tourisme & Handicap" (Tourism & Disability).

"Tourisme & Handicap" : this label will assure you an efficient and comfortable welcome.

To make travelling accessible for all and develop a suitable offer, the French Ministry for Tourism created the national label "Tourisme & Handicap" in 2001. This label was meant to bring a reliable and objective description for the accessibility of the touristic attractions and accomodations regarding the 4 types of disabilities : hearing, mental, physical and visual.

A label for all ! Whether you are a senior or travel with a buggie, this label can also be useful !

Hearing impairment


Mental impairment


Motor disability
Visual impairment

Getting this label required a strong cooperation between disabled people's organisations and tourism professionals. Each site has been controlled. It can be labelled for one or more of the 4 kind of impairments.


Car parking : people with the European Union parking card can park for free on all the public parking spaces without time limit (unless otherwise specified). The card must be fixed behind the windscreen, clearly visible from the outside. Additionally, when using the card in another EU country, one may display the free-standing notice next to it, showing the side with the language(s) spoken in the visited country. Learn more

Tourisme et Handicaps
Tourisme et Handicaps


Introducing the Tourism and disability label