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Truffle of Périgord

Known as the jewel of gastronomy, the truffle has been used for cooking for a long time.
It is called the « black diamond » of the Perigord gastronomy, the main winter culinary product of the Black Périgord and the Vézère Valley.
Mysteriously, it ripens from November to February. It grows on calcareous grounds. Most truffles are under oaks, between 15 and 20 cm deep, tangled in the roots of these truffle oaks. Sometimes hazel trees can also produce some truffles.

The “Caveur” is the name of the person who looks for truffles.
Usually he finds its production under trees that have no vegetation around.
Another clue to discover truffles: specific flies that fly around this tree. Indeed, these flies lay their eggs on truffles.
To facilitate his work, the "caveur" can be helped by a sow or a dog, animals that have flair!

There are about 30 kinds of truffles, the best is the black truffle of Périgord, the most sought after in France, it will sublimate your festive meals.

To visit a truffle

Truffière de Péchalifour en Périgord Noir


Events about truffle

Truffle festival at Sarlat , january 
Truffle Ecomuseum at Sorges
Truffle markets 



Truffière des Mérigots ©Allegret
Truffière des Mérigots ©Allegret


Truffles market : 

Monday morning 
Sainte Alvère - +33 (0)

Thursday morning 
Terrasson - Bernard GLAUDON +33 (0)6 07 64 92 44

Saturday morning
Bergerac - Maurice ROLAND +33 (0)6 76 17 55 15
Périgueux - Christian PRATIQUE +33 (0)6 87 06 47 69
Sarlat - Sylvie BOIS +33 (0) 

Sunday morning
Saint Geniès - Stéphane Vigier +33 (0)6 89 33 65 46

La Truffière de Péchalifour