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Tursac • Dordogne

Tursac, a continuously inhabited village

Discover Tursac, located at 6km from Les Eyzies, upstream from the Vézère, a charming village situated in the meanders of the river.
It is a Mecca of Prehistory, including the eponymous site of La Madeleine, which gave its name to a prehistoric civilization : the Magdalenian.

From Prehistory to the Middle Ages  

In a heaven of greenery, come to discover the Prehistoparc and travel to the heart of the daily life of the first hunter-gatherers.
The village of Tursac contains 2 troglodyte jewels:
 - The village of La Madeleine, this natural site inhabited from prehistory to the Middle Ages, invites you to discover a medieval troglodyte village clinging to the cliff and offering a magnificent view of the Vézère.
 - The Maison Forte de Reignac, a cliff castle built into the rock, overlooking the Vézère Valley.
Taste and relax
Would you like to discover a goose breeding ? Make a stop at the farm Les Granges, free tours and tastings will be offered.

You can enjoy the freshness of the river and have a picnic at the waterside, near the bridge Lespinasse.

A little bit of sport

From the village 3 loops of hiking are available to discover the surrounding countryside :

- Boucle de Cabrillac
- Boucle de la Vierge
- Boucle du  Mas del BosBonus

- Chapel of Fontpeyrine and its "miraculous" source  
- You will find 2 pieces of art by the sculptor H. Henghes in the village : "Abundance" and "Two Suns"

Tursac ©A.Borderie
Tursac ©A.Borderie