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Valojoulx • Dordogne

Valojoulx • Dordogne

Between nature and history...

Valojoulx is located at the southwest of Montignac, in the heart of the Vézère Valley. Its geological history was marked by secondary sedimentation and fluvial erosion from the Vézère in the Quaternary period, and lead to the mining of manganese during the 19th century. We can notice two distinct zones : one towards the north (high plateau of Valojoulx) and the other towards the south (predominance of the Valley of Vézère and intermediate plateaux), separated by the stream of Turançon, whose valley oriented the setting up of constructions .
From its source to the Vézère, the Turançon fueled the wheels of five mills : the Moulin du Treuil (now owned by the French Federation of Fishing), the Moulin de Madame, the two mills of Lagorce upstream of the village, the mill La Mailleraie (former wool carding mill, then cheese or dairy depot, it is also the source of drinking water supply of the town) and finally the Mill of Querrerie at the confluence with the river.
La Seignolle, another creek bordering the village of Sergeac, animated mill of the Moulin du Masnègre.
The village is gathered around its church dating from the 12th and 13th centuries and registered in the inventory of historical monuments since 1974. The presence of lauze covered roofs allows the village to identify itself as a typical village of black Perigord. Valojoulx has tourist assets such as Gallic huts (listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments) but is also located a few kilometers from the castle of Losse, the Lascaux site and its facsimile.

Outdoor activities

A true haven of greenery, the Posadou loop, starting from the village, will fill you with the diversity of the landscape and the variations of terrain. You will admire ancient buildings and old mills with stone roofs and look at the cliffs made by sea deposits and now covered by a beautiful forest.
The circuit "In the footsteps of men of Lascaux", goes through this charming village.
Bike adept, you can take the circuit "Lascaux and the Vézère Valley" which also crosses the village. During this trip some architectural, historical, cultural or natural surprises and unusual curiosities await you. Do not let go of the handlebars ! The panorama and the cultural heritage are remarkable and if the heart tells you, stop for a moment to contemplate !


enlightened Gourmet Market , firday night, in july and august
enlightened  Sportive event in august : "Raid Valojoulx Vézère "



Townhall of Valojoulx
Le bourg
24290 Valojoulx

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