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The Vézère Valley, family destination !

What to do in Lascaux-Dordogne, Vézère Valley as a family?

A land of children, the Vézère Valley is an open-air playground. In the heart of the Dordogne, it abounds in sites that will make your children's eyes shine. It is the perfect destination for a thousand adventures with your family, on land, in the air, on water and underground!

How to have a perfect stay withoutthem getting bored? Of course, there are the must-do activities that children love, such as swimming, canoeing, outdoor activities, horse riding and leisure parks.

But not only that! The Lascaux-Dordogne, Vézère Valley tourist office team can offer you a range of fun activities to make the most of your family holiday.



"Dordogne as a family". A selection of activities specially adapted to families. The guide proposes activities on nature, culture and creation for children from 3 to 12 years old. With around twenty sites labelled "Dordogne en famille", the Vézère Valley is the family destination par excellence!  Read more

Workshops for children during the school holidays:

During each holiday period, the tourist office lists the activities organised by the tourist sites. This list is available at our information offices and can be downloaded in the agenda section.

Consult the agenda

Active summer, in July and August:

During the summer, the department, in conjunction with various associations, offers a rich programme of sports and outdoor leisure activities at 17 sites, including the Vézère Valley. These activities are accessible to all, thanks to a moderate cost, for inhabitants and visitors.

Discover the active summer programme



Would you like to go for a walk, take a breath of fresh air and stroll around the villages of the Vézère Valley? But your children get tired and drag their feet. It can become a real hassle when they grow up and have to be carried! Isn't that so? The tourist office offers you fun tours, where your children become participants and set the pace for the walk by solving riddles! So your walks are full of fun and discovery!

  • Our mobile applications: smartphone in hand, go on an adventure with our free applications

Discover our free applications

Geocaching Terra Aventura: an original walk in the company of tiny characters who help you discover the area while having fun and solving riddles. Experience the emotion of a connected treasure hunt! Find out more

Discover the countryside with Randoland, a free children's treasure hunt

A short, fun hike of 2.6 km (about 1h30) in the company of the rando inspector to discover the forest and the country castle. 3 possible riddles depending on the age of your children (4-6 years, 7-9 years and over 10 years). Bonus: in July/August, ask for your reward for having solved the enigma at the reception of the Château de Campagne. Download the Campagne treasure hunt sheet



Several communes have developed interpretation trails, with signs adapted to families, to help them discover their village in the company of their children:

  • Coly Saint-Amand: 3 discovery trails with explanatory panels, a document is available at the guards' house (top left of the abbey) and during July and August at the Information Point. More information

History: discover the history of the village through 14 stages
Nature: around the village, take advantage of a 6-stage trail on the fauna and flora
Imaginary: meet the legendary figures of the Périgord with 7 stages of games and challenges to deliver the Lébérou

  • Limeuil: A dozen discovery stations are set up in the most hidden streets of the village. Phil and his grandfather guide the visitor and tell them juicy stories about a village with many facets. There are also signs in the garden of the town hall where you can discover information about the Dordogne and the Vézère.

Your children will love coming to the Vézère Valley! So, what is your itinerary?


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In family at Lascaux-Dordogne ©Sémitour Périgord
In family at Lascaux-Dordogne ©Sémitour Périgord