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Vézère Valley, hiking destination


For nature lovers, a walk in the Vézère Valley is much more than a simple stroll in the open air...

Here you enter a privileged territory, valued and committed to the preservation of the environment.

Who better than the Vézère Valley can attest to the fact that walking, the "ancestor" of hiking, goes back to the origins of man.

From this essential,  even vital function for humans (from migration to exodus), it is today a pleasure activity in this country where there is still free space to "see the sights”

A real lesson in nature, protected from all human excesses, with its fauna, its flora, its architectural heritage, its stunning and impressive landscapes, along 675 km of marked trails, accessible to all, of infinite variety.

Here nature has remained intact, from the landscape to the hamlets, along the river to the ancient remains, everything seems to be a product of the soil...

If you add to this a timeless past and a warm welcome, nothing is more justified than the appellation "Valley of Man".


"In the footsteps of the Men of Lascaux" is a 90 km long itinerary in the Vézère valley. From Terrasson La Villedieu to the village of Limeuil, where the Vézère joins the Dordogne, the river runs through one of the most beautiful regions of the Périgord. This trail will take you along the cliffs bordering the river or on the hillsides where the limestone outcrops, close to prestigious archaeological sites often recognised by UNESCO and included on the World Heritage lists.

A region where Man has flourished since prehistoric times and has given birth to one of the jewels of humanity: Lascaux.

The tour is a real discovery, a real adventure... even better! An invitation to enter the history of humanity, in the footsteps of the Men of Lascaux.




Randonnée à Audrix ©OTLDVV
Randonnée Audrix ©OTLDVV