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Walk or hike in Vézère valley

in Vezere valley

On foot, on horseback, on mountain bike, what a pleasure hiking in our valley!

675 km of marked trails lead through woods, in the shade of the cliffs and shelters to the top of sunny hills. Surprising points of view, exceptional heritage, fauna and flora of infinite variety ... All that into maps which are sold at tourist offices. Some of them are translated!!!

A walk in the Vezere valley is more than just a walk in the open air ... Here you enter a privileged territory, valued and committed to the preservation of the environment.

Furthermore, for sports men, a map of mountain bike has just appeared, test these new trails ...

139 results

Petite boucle de Limeuil Lac Rouge n° 39 / Limeuil


Dans les pas des Hommes de Lascaux


Boucle de Saint Cernin n° 30 / Saint-Cernin-de-Reilhac


Dans les pas des Hommes de Lascaux Etape 3: Montignac-Sergeac


Itinéraire cycloroute Rouffignac (La Croze), Plazac (Le Peuch)


Itinéraire cycloroute Rouffignac (La Croze), Fanlac (La Blanchonnerie)


Itinéraire cycloroute Le Bugue, Mauzens-et-Miremont par Journiac


Parcours trail Le Bugue n°2


Parcours Trail Saint-Léon sur Vézère n°8