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Welcome in Vézère Valley

The Vézère valley in France’s heart

The Vézère valley is located in Dordogne, in the South west of France, at 2 hours from Bordeaux, Toulouse and Limoges. Its also close to Sarlat (20km). The Man is here since the prehistoric times and you’ll can find many sites about this time. But the Vézère valley is also rich of gastronomy, landscape, patrimony….

The Vézère valley, the river

The Vézère River crosses the black Périgord and joins the river Dordogne at Limeuil. It runs in different towns and villages like Montignac, Les Eyzies or Le Bugue. You can do canoeing or just swimming surrounded with this beautiful landscape.

The Vézère valley, valley of Prehistoric times

This valley is famous because of its extraordinary wealth of prehistoric sites. Since 1979, 14 of them are registered by UNESCO as world heritage. And others like the Regourdou, Bara-Bahau, Castel Merle are registered as historic monuments.

The Vézère valley, recreation valley

In a natural and preserved landscape, the Vézère valley  is a perfect destination for the lovers of nature : hiking, canoeing, horse-riding, mountain bike, swimming… Many places are protected and allow people to enjoy different kind of activities.

The Vézère valley, pleasure valley

In the black Perigord, in the middle of the gold triangle between Sarlat, Montignac Lascaux and Les Eyzies, capital of prehistory, the gastronomy is an important part of our tradition. Lots of local products constitute the reputation of our territory : Foie gras, walnuts, truffles, Perigord strawberries

Château de Commarque ©laugery
Château de Commarque ©laugery



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La Vallée de la Vézère, aussi appelée vallée de la Préhistoire, est un endroit magique.