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Where to picnic in the Vézère valley?


The beach at  Limeuil is a favourite spot for tourists and picnickers. Sitting beside the pebble beach, or at tables installed for the occasion at the confluence of the Vézère and Dordogne rivers, you can admire the junction of the two rivers on one side and the beautiful houses which are plentiful in this small village clinging to its rocky outcrop on the other.

Audrix : next to the church and under the market hall, tables are available.

Campagne: the castle with its green spaces and its wooded park offers a magical setting for a meal. Picturesque, romantic, rural, architectural, you will discover all the richness of this arboretum: redwoods, cedars, magnolias, bald cypresses, plane trees... The shade of these remarkable trees offers an idyllic setting for lunch on the grass.

Le Bugue:Again on the banks of the river where tables have been set up (below the medical group) enjoy the calm of the  Vézère and the shade of its weeping willows whilst eating and perhaps afterwards enjoy a little siesta. A large table near the old mill can accommodate up to 8/10 people.  On the quay, near the kiosk close to the Parc du Bournat is also a good spot.

Mauzens and Miremont : under the viaduct, a few tables are available on the roadside for a short stop between the Grotte of Rouffignac and the Parc du Château de Campagne. Near the Stadium, another table is provided.

Savignac de Miremont: near the town hall, under a tree and close to the car park, an ideal place for a quiet picnic.

Les Eyzies : at the bottom of the town hall park, the banks of the Vézère are ideal for a family picnic, with many tables where you can sit down to eat, watch the canoes go by along the river and feed the ducks. In Tayac, in the shade of the chestnut tree, you can admire the church of Saint Martin. In Sireuil, there is a table near the church. Under the Grand Roc cave, overlooking the Vézère, you can also have a picnic.

Tursac: a small, discreet corner of the valley, this little village is nevertheless very lively, with gaggling geese looking to be noticed (and to have their picture taken). After crossing the village, we follow the direction of the Madeleine. Just after crossing the bridge, stop at the riverside and savour the freshness of the river, the lapping of the water, the shade of the trees, in short, Paradise!

Sergeac: when you arrive on the left, set your place settings on the table provided for the purpose. Then discover this small, quiet village with its typical houses with slate roofs. Next, walk to the prehistoric site of Castel Merle, which is well worth a visit.

Saint Léon : the riverbank is a wonderful setting for a picnic. At the foot of the Romanesque church, opposite the cliffs, you can eat at one of the tables or on the grass. Saint Léon is also a place for daydreaming and walking. You can stroll through the narrow streets with houses of harmonious architecture in this village, which is listed as one of  the most beautiful villages in France

Coly Saint Amand , : the abbey "between heaven and earth" has watched over the village for many centuries... the ochre of the Sarladaise stone and the grey of the slate roofs underline the purity of the Romanesque architecture of the church. Tables have been set up on the left-hand side of the car park.

Thonac : at the Fongran lake, silence is the order of the day alongside the fishermen who are watching out for roach, carp, tench or trout ... Calm is guaranteed.  A large table awaits you.

Montignac-Lascaux : along the banks of the Vézère, near the canoe rental point, picnicking in the shade of the trees is a delight beside the riverbank. Walk off your lunch with a visit around the town where you can admire the richness of its architectural heritage: the half-timbered houses from the 13th century, the terraced houses on stilts which are classified as Historic Monuments. Also in the Jardin de la Fontaine des Pères (just before Lascaux - Centre International de l'art pariétal) or next to the Montignac water sports centre near the tennis court, there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy your picnic.

Saint Avit de Vialard: table available near the village hall. Close by is a honey producer and a farm selling foie gras. Hiking trails leave from the town hall square just a few metres away.

 La Chapelle Aubareil : 2 tables are set up in front of the town hall.

Rouffignac : next to the village hall, behind the town hall in the shade of a tree, a table is available for you to taste local products bought at the market for example. Place Simone Veil, in front of the Mairie, has small steel tables for a romantic meal, while the Falquette park has wooden tables in the shade.

Peyzac le Moustier : 2 tables are situated near the village hall.

Plazac : next to the village hall you can sit down and enjoy the beautiful setting around the church and its medieval garden.



Pique-nique au Bugue ©ALR
Pique-nique au Bugue ©ALR



Numerous markets or charming specialised shops showcase local producers and local products: walnut cake or traditional specialities with emblematic ingredients: ceps, foie gras, magrets.... all of which will brighten up your picnic.

During this particular period, our chefs also prepare take-away meals. Find all the restaurants in the Périgord Noir that offer this service on #Restochezvous.

Take advantage of the local shops and don't be afraid to get lost in the narrow streets where craftsmen's shops continue their heritage and tradition. This is an opportunity after your meal to go and meet them as they are always there to share their immense passion for their trade, their craft, their art... These villages particularly come alive during organised gourmet meals or during evening guided visits.