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Wi-Fi in the Vézère Valley

Where can I connect to Wi-Fi in the Vézère Valley ?

The Tourist Information Centre Lascaux-Dordogne offers a free Wi-Fi access, unlimited and secured, through 5 access points distributed in our offices of Montignac, Les Eyzies, Le Bugue, Rouffignac and Limeuil. You can access Wi-Fi 24/7 inside and around the offices.

WIFI_PERIGORD is also available at some of our partners (campsites, hotels...). Thanks to the different access points, it becomes easy to stay connected during your holidays in the Vézère Valley.

Find an access point.

How to connect :

  1. Locate a WIFI_PERIGORD access point with the sticker and settle nearby (in a 50 m radius).
  2. Enable the Wi-Fi access on your device.
  3. Select "WIFI_PERIGORD" and validate.
  4. Start your browser : it will automatically find the Internet access portal.
  5. Enter your e-mail address or use your favorite social network to connect, accept the conditions of use.
  6. You can now surf the internet, for free !

Be smart !

The WIFI_Perigord network remembers you ! Your device will automatically connect each time you pass next to an access point in the Vézère Valley. Just refresh your browser.

A lot of our partners offer a Wi-Fi access, you can find them :

  • In the booklets of the Tourist Information Centre : check the Wi-fi pictogram
  • On the website www.lascaux-dordogne.com : select the Wi-Fi box in the list of accomodations (menu ACCOMODATION of the navigation bar)
  • Or directly ask to our partners.

The following places offer a free access to Internet :

Beware, the hours of opening may vary during the year. Check their websites for more information.


Hotline :

(0)9 72 12 27 24
Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 6PM 

Online help