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Village de Saint Avit de Vialard

Quiet village of the Black Perigord, located at the middle of the Perfect triangle between Périgueux, Bergerac and Sarlat, Saint-Avit de Vialard is built on a hill, at 220meters high.
The town has a big forest where you have some hiking trails and has into its center a beautiful roman church from the 12th century. Prehistoric traces stays at the locality named “Les Fieux”.
Saint-Avit de Vialard is famous especially for its luxury complex “Saint-Avit Loisirs”.

Phone: +33 9 67 06 24 03
Mail : saint.chamassy@wanadoo.fr


Friday, 1 January, 2021 to Friday, 31 December, 2021
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From 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021