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Lascaux Dordogne, Discover the origins of your life

Discover the origins of your life
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Lascaux Dordogne, Discover the origins of your life

The Vézère Valley

The Vézère Valley is located in the heart of France, in the very touristic département of Dordogne situated in the South West of France (2 hours drive from Bordeaux, Limoges and Toulouse) and not far away from Sarlat (20km). A lot of prehistoric relics can be discovered in this area- in Lascaux ( The Caves of Lascaux) and the Eyzies (the world capital of Prehistoric Times). Now let's have a closer look at the fabulous and unique landscapes, the Wealth Heritage and of course at Gastronomy...

The Vézère Valley, The River

The Vézère crosses the Black Périgord and join the Dordogne River in Limeuil. The river crosses different towns: Terrasson, Montignac (Lascaux), the Eyzies, known as « The Capital of Prehistoric Times » and Le Bugue. You can practise different nautical activities such as Swimming , canoeing, in a well-preserved natural area around the Vézère Valley. The Color of the Vézère comes from the silt of the water which explains the valley fertility.

The Vézère Valley, the Prehistoric Valley

It is a well-known place and more specifically thanks to its numerous prehistoric sites. Among the list of the prehistoric sites registered in the Vézère Valley, 14 were registered by the UNESCO among the World Heritage of humanity in 1979. Other sites such as Le Regourdou, Bara-Bahau and Castel-Merle have been registered as “Historic Monuments” The Regourdou can also help the tourists to understand the close relationships between The Neanderthal and Homo sapiens men.

The Vézère Valley, a valley of leisure

Thanks to the well-preserved natural area of the Vézère Valley, it becomes an ideal destination to practise some physical activities in a natural environment. Walking, Hiking, Nordic Walking, canoeing and swimming ….. In the Vézère Valley, lots of sites have been registered and are protected so as the visitors and local inhabitants can enjoy the landscapes nowadays and in the future….

The Vézère Valley, the Valley of pleasures…

Tasty dishes...We are in Dordogne Périgord, this area is the root of the tourist Golden Triangle composed of Sarlat, Montignac Lascaux and the Eyzies, which is the world Capital of Prehistoric times. The Gastronomic Dordogne has been and still is a major asset of the well-known French Cuisine, contributing with its very specific and refined dishes made from the foie gras, the black truffle of the Périgord, the cep mushrooms...

Martin Walker, a literary ambassador for the valley !
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