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The cave-dwelling of Lascaux-Dordogne

Vèzère Valley

The cave-dwelling of Dordogne

From prehistory to the Middle Ages, the area continued to evolve, as many of the valley's exceptional sites reveal. The medieval lifestyle along these rugged cliffs may be readily imagined in the beautiful settings of la  Madeleine, Roc de Cazelle, La Roque Saint Christophe and le Conquil.Over 400 000 years of Human occupation have left numerous traces. First of all near the Cliffs of The Vézère and their cavities.  The cave-dwellings of the Prehistoric Times in Dordogne have sometimes persisted until the Middle Ages.

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Le Conquil - Site troglodytique


La Maison Forte de Reignac


La Roque Saint-Christophe - Fort et Cité troglodytiques


Le Village de la Madeleine